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Effective vs Contract Rent Powerpoint from Summer Seminars

 Effective vs Contract Rent

 Below are the tax court cases that were discussed at the seminar:

Macy's Retail Holdings v. Hennepin Co published 11-6-14

Macy's Retail Holdings v. Hennepin Co published 11-28-11

Archway Marketing Services v Hennepin Co published 7-27-16; supreme court

Lone Oak Rogers LLC v Hennepin Co published 4-9-15

Northwestern National Life Ins v. Hennepin Co published 6-21-95


Recent Tax Court Decisions

Menard Inc v County of Clay 09-18-2015  Archway Marketing v Hennepin Co 01-13-16  Berry and Co. v Hennepin co 01-20-16 Menard Inc v County of Clay 01-29-16 
 Nationwide Health v Mower Co 01-22-16-1  Danmark Prop 06485 v. Henn Co 10-24-17  Amos Financial LLC v County of Dakota 2-8-18  Bonstores Realty v. County of St. Louis 2-15-18
 City West Holdings v County of McLeod 2-15-18  Guardian Energy v. County of Waseca  Inland Edinburgh Festival LLC v. County of Hennepin 1-10-18  Jim Bern Company v County of Ramsey 1-9-18
 KCP Hastings LLC V County of Dakota 1-11-2018  Lake View Memorial Hospital v. County of Lake 2-7-18  Lowe's (Blaine) v. County of Anoka 4-13-18  Lowes (coon rapids) v Anoka Co 04-13-18
 Macy's Retail Holdings v County of Hennepin v InterPark Holdings 3-13-18  Menard (Coon Rapids) v Anoka Co 03-30-18  Menard (Cottage Grove) v. County of Washington 1-26-18  Menard v Anoka co 03-27-18
 OCC, LLC v Henn Co 03-23-18  Shopko Stores #605 v. County of Kanabec 3-14-18  Southdale Center, LLC (Mall) v. County of Hennepin  T S Real Estate v Dakota Co 04-30-18
 Wal-Mart v County of Clay 2-13-18  Chodek v Otter Tail co 12-04-17.pdf    



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